Friday, May 28, 2010

Birthday Month Giveaway!

Whooo hooo! Happy almost Birthday month to me! At the end of June I will be turning the big 3-1! Last year I pretty much missed the big 3-0 because Mr. James was born three days before my birthday. Grammy brought us dinner and Ed got me flowers and a balloon, but that was it for celebrating. So this year for my birthday, and to celebrate my aforementioned amazing haul from the closing of Tall Mouse, I am going to be having some lovely giveaways here for you all on my blog!


Here is how I think I will do this . . . we will have a giveaway every week in June (what?!?! OMG!??!?!) starting on Tuesday, June 1st . . . . that's in just a few days! Because June starts on a Tuesday we will just keep with the Tuesday theme, so the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th will all be giveaway days! "But Jessica," you say, "you're birthday is on the 30th!" "You are right you," say I, "so let us have one on the 30th as well!"

. . . two days in a row?! Be still my beating heart!

"Wow," you say, "you must have really made out at Tall Mouse." (I think I am enjoying this imaginary conversation a leeeetle bit too much.) "Well, you" I say, "I really, really did. You have no idea, it was a little bit insane. Buying things for 1/10 of their original price is a wee bit heady."

Make sure you come back on Tuesday for giveaway #1!


  1. woohoo!!!
    happy impending birthday!!
    and I love that photo LMAO!!!
    and heres a few more explamations for fun !!!!!

  2. That is very cool. I love birthdays! I hope this year you get way more back than you are generously giving!


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